Soul Cards


 Soul Cards After Class # 12 ~WWf(a)C ~ GJ

Spring 2018

As I leave this class I am inspired! Inspired to write in my “off-time.”
I always feel that way as I leave these semesters of weeks with their objectives for the next weeks writing, culminating in gathered energy for the many days of non-class writing. I say I will write during the summer break and then never pick up my pen until the next semester rolls around. This year is different! I faced challenges in my small group that caused me to question my work and go back and rewrite, review, rethink. Many times I resisted but in the end I seem to have reawakened. All of this rethinking seems to have re-energized me~ I’m ready to dig in and get with it.


The best way to advocate is by listening with the heart. Then you have done well, both as individual and as a group.
My small group has accepted my attempts to explore using different/ new structures for my writing.

I have struggled with self-care in stretching to produce something to share each week~ It has not always been possible

Karen~ Thank you so~ bringing WWf(a)C to us. Today is especially bitter sweet to me, as I question whether my physical limitations will allow me to return in the fall.
I love this circle of women.


May 15~ our last circle meeting
Our time together has definitely advocated for my writing. I feel more accepted and appreciated for my writing. Further, I have learned about appreciating the work of each ‘wemoon’ in our group ` much of their writing has inspired me. I find myself now seeking out and planning for my writing time. I am sitting down and writing` writing outdoors, writing at the computer and writing in my head. I have experienced new ideas for what I want to write about. Inspiration has been a gift from all of you women. I thank you!
I have loved my circle of women~ their humor, their deep feelings shared, their writing styles and their support for my writing ~ Namaste



Oh my!

Self -care ~ trusting myself and my feelings but also recognizing that I trust others and let others feel their feelings without judgment.

Definitely encouraged to write not just for myself but to share with the world.

Amazing to realize that so many women can be so very different but still have the same fears and hopes and needs and sadness and joy.

Inspired by the words of wisdom, love, and understanding and beauty that my fellow writers can manifest.

Awed by the love shared. Humbled by the love shared.

Grateful for the deadlines and encouragement to actually write! and the feedback to sharpen my skills and communication


WW is an environment for inspiration
Learning, listening, producing results…
Surprises of what can and does come forth…
Being innovative in writing with the interfacing of each and every emotion
Dancing with words and each person’s thoughts…shared experiences…insights…differences Witnessing the potency of individual experiences…

Planet of variety…novel ways…choices…
WW is healing, restorative and always revealing new ways~


The women in this class have been a wonderful inspiration to me. There are so many unique, creative talents in this room. Each one sees each situation from a different, interesting angle. But the one main theme throughout this group is that each woman here has a kind and giving approach to the other members of the class. The kindness and generosity here is remarkable. This makes this environment a safe place to express our creative efforts and share them with others. And the space is so peaceful and inspiring. Each week we are given new and exciting information about the creative writing process! I am thankful that I have had this wonderful opportunity to share this experience with these amazing women.


I have so appreciated the class this semester. Karen is a warm, encouraging leader who holds us safely in the embrace that is the soul of Women Writing for (a) Change.

I have explored new writing~ using poetry and myth as my muse, my small group has given me insight, and taught me through their careful listening and comments. In turn, I have learned from their writing and approaches to my craft.

I especially enjoyed meeting women who are new to the circle. NAMASTE one and all.


This last class~ feels like high school graduation, in my small home town.

  • There I knew every classmate for 12 years. Here I’ve learned everyone’s name in 12 weeks. (That’s good for me!!)
  • There I learned my ABC’s, I learned to spell (sort of), learned to construct sentences. Here I learned to WRITE!
  • There I learned to be critical of my sentence structure, to be critical of my teachers, to be critical of my classmates, the government and the world, and myself.
    Here I learned acceptance.
  • There I learned to speak. Here I learned to listen.
  • There, in twelve years, I learned about friendship and betrayal and human nature.
  • Here, in twelve weeks I learned to be HUMAN. Thank you, Karen.
    It’s been a pleasure and an honor.


The process of writing has taught me to trust the process of writing! It takes me where I need to go.
Hearing words about nature have been inspirational. I am inspired to incorporate nature and the natural world into my writing. This has also inspired me to write of things frivolous, happy, whimsical, beautiful. I came into this class needing to heal from much, so lightness has not thus far been part of what I write. I am inspired to become more playful with my words and subjects.

I am inspired to keep a journal.
I am inspired to play with rhyming` both from Karen’s examples and from others writing. I have more of a sense of self-worth.
Though life may be busy, we can almost always make time.
I will return.

The pages provided each week are so valuable as tools, suggestions, information. My very favorite being last weeks. (11th class). They have taught me so very much. I will refer to them in the future.
I have become confident that I have a voice. And it is worth something.


I’ve been in a long, dry time of disconnect from my soul/essence/best being. Writing is big for me to be connected, as are good sleep, outside, and observing nature and humans. So, The Circle, all these weeks, has provided space, safety and time to reconnect with the very best of me. I grieve as class ends as I perceive my very essence and how it manifests in writing, writing community, got sleep, outside, and observing nature and humans will be swallowed into the beast of my obligations and responsibilities.

I’ve been reminded, tho, of where to find my self: in solitude, in fast writes, in writing, good sleep, outside and observing nature and humans. I’m grateful I’ve been reminded; apparently I’d forgotten.
I wonder how to make manifest the richness of my being, my experience of bliss because I’m alive~ I get to be alive~ while dueling and dodging the damage from the responsibilities and obligations of my “regular life”, by the way isn’t Real Life.

Real Life is writing, etc… being connected to the best, authentic, unique being I am. How to get and stay there… How to get and stay there…




Soul Cards written by Women Writers

Spring Semester, 2017


The time has flown and we find ourselves at the end of another season of writing. To me it has been one of the most valuable seasons of the writing career. I can hardly believe I just said the words “writing career.” This class, this time has finally made me realize I have a writing career. This is a break through of monumental proportions! I leave this group for a while, enthusiastically charged to write words waiting to get out.

Thank You!


Women Writing for (a) Change~
To change my life, my writing and my world~
This circle does change the world I live in by providing a safe space and open window for viewing the surroundings.
So many eyes, so many voices, so many “trail-makers!”


Karen makes a safe place for me to follow my muse. I’ve grown as a writer through the encouragement of the other women in our weekly circle. Karen’s careful preparation for each class flows gently and yet within the gentle rules of WWf(a)C. I’ve been amazed to find I’m a better writer than I was, not because people critiqued what I did wrong, but because they praised what I did right.


  • This semester has been inspirational
  • Karen has provided a place that feels safe and secure in which we can feel free to express ourselves openly and with emotion.
  • The documentation in the class gives us inspiration for our creativity
  • Hearing the many different creative works opens our minds and hearts to pursue new paths
  • I have been inspired to do new things that I never thought were possible
  • Such joy in sharing time and effort with such supportive and intelligent women


I have been inspired by the words of the women in this circle and also by the courage of so many in our group who have published works. Maybe I’ll join these ranks someday.

I learned a great deal from my small group members, who are particularly gifted in some of the more technical aspects of writing. I appreciate gaining a broader lens with which to look at writing.
I was not always able to participate with the weekly writing suggestions so I appreciate the freedom to take or leave~ this is part of the self-care. I’m grateful to have the hand-outs and exercises for use during the summer when I may have more time.
Thank you Karen, and all for a wonderful circle.


I decided to do a SHORT from my own life experience. It began with a real conversation just as the prompt notes had suggested. I was struck by how potent it was for me to put this SHORT out there with my small group. I felt strengthened by sharing and having it met with respect, quiet patience and offer to finish reading when I was overcome with emotion. Then my small group had a moment of silence holding hands to ‘hold’ what had been shared in all its pain and poignancy. Their comments thoughtfully focused on my work and I experienced them as an honoring.

It was startling to me to see what happened when I carved out several hours every week for writing and made it clear to my husband this intention. Wow!


The words of the women in WWf(a)C are always the greatest gift to me. Also, this class particularly, has been filled with spirit. Our shared words have become holy. The space Karen has shared with us in her peace-filled home, with magnificent views has created a container of safety. Healing comes through the community we’ve shared.


I LOVE my writing sisters,
writing funny, sad, strong, whimsical pieces,
such talent!
I take pieces of your stories into my own story
as it unfolds each day
friends to anchor me here
as my soul soars. I know I am not alone.
Thank you!