Soul Cards

 Soul Cards Fall Class 2020 ~WWf(a)C ~ GJ

I am happily surprised how much I enjoy and needed the collaborative sense of my small group, having kind companions willing and available to help me sort through the story trajectory, the big picture, the affirmations and suggestions. It’s just what I needed and what I was missing.

I love the poems and epigraphs as powerful reflections, to help us see how words impact other people in so many ways, and that our job as writer is to share from our hearts and trust that it will speak to the hearts of readers without us needing to control how that looks.

I’m grateful for the technology of Zoom and the social technology of WWf(a)C practices~ and Karen, your excellent, gentle, heartfelt facilitation that allows us to connect during COVID 20/20, because it’s the community gathering in support of our voices  that invites our personal and collective light to a very dark year.

I have always befriended possibility and the unknown, despite my extreme shyness. But my voice! Yes, I found my voice! Having been shut down more than a few ties, this experience with you, Karen, and the group, came close to healing the shame and trepidation I have come to feel. It was a beautiful experience for me.