Women Writing for (a) ChangeĀ®

But if you travel far enough, one day you will recognize yourself coming down the road to meet yourself. And you will say, “Yes.” ~ Marion Woodman

Come and experience the healing that happens through writing in community.  This is a non-competitive, supportive place to explore your inner voice through words, a place to experience ‘deep listening,’ to find inspiration for your own writing practice and to share the gift of words.

Taking time for yourself and your writing is critical… this needs to be a deliberate choice… an arrangement you make with yourself… as important as the time you set aside to be with the people you love most in the world. Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you can nurture… it determines all other relationships. ~ G. Lynn Nelson~ Writing and Being

While inner work is a deeply personal matter, it’s nt necessarily a private matter. There are ways to be together in community to help each other with that inner work…to come together in a way that is supportive but not invasive, that asks a lot of questions but never renders judgment or gives advice: that respects the mystery of the human heart, but still allows people to challenge and stretch one another in that work. We can avoid that invasive and violent notion of getting in there and fixing each other up that we have in our culture. We can be present to a person’s solitude, a person’s mystery, while that deep inner work goes on.~ Parker Palmer, Leading from Within

Your heart knows the way- run in that direction~ Rumi

Important Note from Karen:

It’s time to look toward Fall Classes as we wrap up our Spring Semester!

Once again we have the privilege of coming together as we enjoy the safety and intimacy of sharing space through our deep listening and intentional circles. Here we advocate for ‘the writing’ and as a result, one another.

We continue to inspire one another and find motivation to write through this Zoom virtual reality. It really works and is nicely matched with our conscious listening protocols and our circles that create a spacious, safe environment for us all to explore our own writing practices.

We have explored the fun of an “ALL CLASS READ-A-ROUND” at the end of our Spring and Fall Classes via Zoom, to enjoy connecting with women from the other class in a comfortable evening of sharing writings and visiting. This celebration also works on Zoom!

Just imagine enjoying the comfort and support of a community of women writers from the comfort of your home~ we are able to feel the energy of our sacred circles and share inspiration to write as we find balance during these challenging times.

Note from Karen: Spring 2022 class has just wrapped up. Once again, we found that the connections and feed-back that can only be formed through our Small Groups were able to weave their magic! Because our classes are such a success via Zoom and include women from geographical spaces across the country, we continue to use Zoom to connect. We have learned that there are many advantages to meeting virtually!

Here is a snippet of a Soul Card shared after Class #12 that captures the sentiment of our Circle:

I have been deeply moved and inspired by the gifts that my group mates bring each week…I am moved by the generosity of spirit that exists in this group. My community has encouraged me when I was unable to do it myself. I can say with certainty that I am a writer because of them.

It’s not too early to reserve a space in our Fall Classes!

Fall 8- Week Class Schedule 2022

Tuesday AM Class ~9:30-12Noon- September 20- November 15 (no class October 25)

Wednesday PM Class~ 6:30-9:00 PM~ September 21- November 16 (no class October 26)

In order to keep classes safe and personal via Zoom, we limit the size of our circles to 12 women. (this allows for our sacred small groups of 3 and spacious time to share our writings in a safe setting.)

Link to Register for 8-Week Class Fall 2022:


Exploratory meeting Request Form:

I have discovered that a one on one meeting is a wonderful way to see if Women Writing Classes might be a place you would like to land! During these Zoom times, it has been a great opportunity to meet one another and share ideas in a comfortable, one on one way. I’ve really appreciated the opportunity to meet women writers. I encourage you to connect with me (without pressure to sign up) to explore your writing practice hopes and to see if our community might meet your needs.

Please do join me to discover whether Women Writing for (a) Change resonates with you as a means of inspiration and self-care as we write together in community, while honoring each woman’s individual writing process.

Exploratory Meeting request form link:


After you register, I will contact you to schedule our meeting and send you a Zoom Link ahead of time. This relaxed meeting will allow you to get a feeling for what Women Writing for (a) Change is about. I can fill you in and answer any questions you have to see if the Class resonates with your needs.

Please sign up for an Exploratory Meeting, anytime if you have questions or would like to see if Women Writing for (a) Change~GJ resonates with you.

When you register for classes, after I receive your registration and deposit, I will make contact and set up a brief ‘pre-meeting’ to spend some one on one time to smooth out any connection issues via Zoom and to have the chance to share basic Women Writing for (a) Change protocols and learn about your hopes and writing aspirations for the Class. This is a wonderful chance for us to get to know one another and to make sure that you feel comfortable before the beginning of class and that Women Writing classes are a fit for you.

1/2 Day Virtual Second Saturday Circles Fall 2022

Come join our Saturday Writing Circles to recharge, find writing inspiration, claim time for yourself in a nurturing community of writers!

Note: It is time to reserve your space(s) in our Fall Second Saturday Circles!

The Virtual Second Saturday Circles provide an opportunity for writers who have participated in Women Writing for (a) Change classes in the past, current class members and more recently to include women who are new to Women Writing for (a) Change, to gather in our circle and have writing time within this nurturing space.  We will begin our circle at 9:30, enjoy a poem, check in and fast-write, and then disperse to write independently.  We will save some time during the morning to reconvene in the large group circle and writers will have the option to share writings within the large group.

Second Saturday Circles are intended for those who have experienced the protocol of our sacred circles and would like to step back into this nurturing, inspiring community of writers, those currently taking classes, and are now open to writers new to our community who would like to experience our nurturing writing circles.

These Saturday Circles are a terrific way to reconnect with old friends and make new connections!

During our circles you will enjoy an agenda complete with poem and prompts, time for a fast-write and spacious time to write individually.  We will reconvene in our large circle to share readings (sharing is always an option.)  The virtual format works really well for these circles!

Come join us to feel a great sense of connection, comfort and inspiration. Be sure to sign up early to assure that I can save you a seat in our safe, personal circles.

Second Saturday Circles are held Virtually on Zoom. Just imagine, you can enter a safe space of refuge without leaving your own home!

Saturday, September 10, 2022 9:30 AM-12:00 noon

Saturday, October 8, 2022 9:30 AM-12:00 noon

Saturday, November 12, 2022 9:30 AM -12 Noon

Register Here by clicking on the link:

I will send you confirmation of registration when I receive it, and a Welcome Letter the Wednesday before our Circle Retreat. Feel free to register for one or all at the same time. Circles are limited to 10 women.


If you have questions about our classes feel free to contact Karen at: