Women Writing for (a) ChangeĀ®

Come experience the healing that happens through writing in community.  This is a non-competitive, supportive place to explore the healing power of writing, a place to experience deep listening, to find inspiration for your own writing practice and to share the gift of words.

Registration for Fall Class 2023 is now open. Eight week Fall classes will begin in September. You are welcome to get a feel for our classes on Zoom via a Free Sampler or one on one exploratory meeting with Karen. If you have any questions, please call Karen at:


Register for FREE SAMPLER (held virtually via Zoom)

Saturday, August 12, 2023: 10 AM – 11:30 AM

Saturday, August 26, 2023 10 AM-11:30 AM

Register by clicking on the Free Sampler, Exploratory Meeting Form below. I will contact you when I receive your registration.

FREE virtual Sampler/ Exploratory Meeting request form link:


After you register, I will send you an agenda and Welcome Letter to our Sampler or contact you to schedule our meeting via a Zoom Link ahead of time. Both of these options will allow you to get a feeling for what Women Writing for (a) Change is about. I can fill you in and answer any questions you have to see if the class resonates with your needs.

8- Week Virtual Fall Classes 2023 (MT)

Tuesday AM, 9:30- 12 Noon: September 19- November 14 (no class October 17)

Wednesday PM, 6:30- 9:00 PM: September 20-November 15 (no class October 18)

To register please click on link below~ I will send confirmation of registration received:


For more information and to sign up for the FREE Spring Second Saturday Circles (held via Zoom) visit the ‘Events’ page! These circles are a wonderful chance to experience a mini-Saturday retreat while connecting to other writing women. You will receive an agenda and welcome letter the Wednesday before the circle and can count on a spacious hour plus to write independently. We’ll then reconvene and those who choose have the opportunity to share some of their writing. These circles are intended for women who have taken classes previously and are familiar with the Women Writing protocols.

In order to keep classes safe and personal via Zoom, we limit the size of our circles to 12 women. (this allows for our sacred small groups of 3 and spacious time to share our writings)

Why do virtual classes work so well? Our classes are a success via Zoom and include women from geographical spaces across the country. We have learned that there are many advantages to meeting virtually. Small groups weave their magic via “chat rooms'” and our larger group provides connectedness and a depth of perspectives.

We have the privilege of coming together to enjoy the safety and intimacy of sharing space through our deep listening and intentional circles. Here we advocate for ‘the writing’ and as a result, one another. Weekly agendas and writing suggestions provide a variety of writing techniques and possibilities for you to weave into your writing process, always to take or leave, as you feel inspired.

We continue to find motivation to write through this Zoom virtual reality. It really works and compliments our conscious listening protocols and our circles, both small group and large. Our classes create a spacious, safe environment to explore our individual writing practices within community.

At the end of class you will receive an Anthology of Writings; a tribute to the variety and depth of each woman’s writings and contribution to our circles.

We hold a virtual All Class Read a Round at the end of our Spring and Fall Classes to connect with women from the other class and to share writings.

Just imagine enjoying the comfort and support of a community of women writers from the comfort of your home. Come experience the energy of our sacred circles and tap into the inspiration to write that our community of writers enjoy.

I have been deeply moved and inspired by the gifts that my group mates bring each week…I am moved by the generosity of spirit that exists in this group. My community has encouraged me when I was unable to do it myself. I can say with certainty that I am a writer because of them.~ words of a Spring Class writer, 2022.