Mission Statement

The mission of Women Writing for (a) Change Grand Junction is to provide classes that emphasize writing as a powerful tool for transformation and personal growth, within a collaborative, creative community.


What We Do

Women Writing for (a) Change Grand Junction offers classes in a non-competitive, safe environment as women explore and develop their writing skills. In our writing circles and specialty classes participants can choose to explore a variety of genres, including journal writing, poetry, prose, essay, fiction, memoirs and more. While some participants have published, the focus is on process rather than product. Women receive useful resources and feedback relevant to their own needs and can choose to explore new writing avenues, and/or focus on current, ongoing writing projects.

Writing becomes a tool to promote personal growth through self-expression within a supportive community of other women writers. We practice self-care as we deeply listen to and honor one another’s stories and advocate for the writing shared.  Care is taken to honor each individual’s process as we meet in both large and small groups.  Time is valued as we focus on creating a safe ‘container’ for each and every woman within our community.  As we commit to one another and advocate for our own and one another’s writings, deep, often life-long connections are formed.

Listen to an interview here from February 4, 2020 on Kosmic Voices at KAFM Radio to hear more about Women Writing for (a) Change classes:

(Karen is interviewed by Dulce and Ramona. The first 10 minutes is Dulce’s February astrological forecast and the rest is centered around writing and Women Writing for (a) Change.

Enjoy by clicking on link below:



Here’s another glimpse of who I am and why I love the writing process: I had the privilege of doing an interview on Kosmic Voices on August 4th. What a great opportunity it was to up my writing practice, in anticipation of our topic, Writing and Personal Peace.

Click on the link if you’d like to listen:

About the Facilitator

Karen Fricke is a writer, published poet and long time educator and has taught students at both elementary  and middle-school levels.  She has also provided classes and workshops for adults at the university level to enhance their teaching of  writing.  She attended the Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy in the summer of 2015 (CFLA) and received licensure from Women Writing for (a) Change® Cincinatti, to open an affiliate school in Grand Junction, CO. This experience was powerful on many levels, as it provided a wealth of valuable resources and insights for her to tap into while facilitating WWf(a)C.   Karen combines her experiences to facilitate the healing practice of writing in an authentic, supportive circle which provides a space for women to speak their truths and share their stories.

As an elementary school teacher, Karen found that taking Women Writing for (a) Change classes enriched her teaching of  both students and adults, as well as affecting her personal life in powerful ways. As a result, she is dedicated to providing this same opportunity to women in the community as they navigate their lives. The space that Women Writing holds for women to explore their own voices within a collaborative community is life affirming and often times life-changing.

Malak and Kaf by Circle Horse Writing Sign (hiding behind)